Dear all,


We have noticed that requests for IT support is a great deal. Hence, we have setup a help desk (as some of you have already noticed) to direct requests traffic, organize our work, and balance the load among the IT staff. The help desk is very simple. It will also allow you to follow up with your request and check the progress of the work.


Kindly note that for raising an issue or complains you must open a ticket by choosing one of these methods:


  1. Open a ticket in by clicking on "New Support Ticket"

  2. Or (as you already are used to), send an email to support [at] (every time you send an email to this address a ticket will be automatically generated). 

    When raising a complain by sending an email, there is no need to send a CC the other IT emails. All IT staff will be notified automatically and immediately whit an email when you open a ticket.

    Please do not send a CC to this email (support [at] when making other general correspondence for issues that are not related to requests and complains (every time you send an email to this address a ticket will be automatically generated). Instead, use the respective email addresses for the IT staff.

  3. Or, call us directly only if you find the issue to be very important and urgent. 

Please keep in mind that the purpose of this help desk is to be more efficient and serve you better.

You may always call us any time to communicate and discuss, but for raising new issues first use the methods above.




Mohammed Eqbal

Help Desk & Technical Support Team
I.T. & Development Dept.

Grand Capital